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IPLAENOS certification

International Psychometric Logical Assessment Exponential Nominal Objective Mean Score (IPLAENOS) gives you an accurate insight into a person’s mental horsepower.Whilst CVs and qualifications provide you with a benchmark for a person’s academic or intellectual achievements, IPLAENOS test gives you an indication of the person’s potential and their ability to cope with change.

Businesses and Organizations use IPLAENOS testing to gain a greater level of certainty in their recruitment decisions, and add focus to their development programs and staff retention initiatives, they also use them to identify and fast track potential leaders.

IPLAENOS program is a proven and safe testing tool that focuses on the “mental” abilities typically needed to efficiently perform a wide range of job functions and assignments.We are living in a globalized world with an increasing demand for “adaptability”.

The IPLAENOS program gives a good idea of this desirable feature, because IPLAENOS is a good indicator of how quickly and accurately a person can process new information.Therefore, the IPLAENOS program gives both you and the current or future employers valuable information about how exactly your potential can best be implemented in terms of job selection and award of job and career planning.

We offer IPLAENOS Certification, which is a Psychometric cognitive and mental ability with situational judgement assessment test that includes a personality assessment. IPLAENOS tests own structured thinking & aptitude and no study pack is provided in advance of the test. 

The IPLAENOS is offered online to both USA residents and Internationally to all clients with an internet connection and can be taken Monday to Sunday 7am EST to 11pm EST. The cost of the IPLAENOS certification is USD 140 which can be paid using 3D enabled Visa,MasterCard or By Bitcoin.

The IPLAENOS certified Score is ready within one hour after completion of the test in pdf format.

For International clients who do not reside in the USA and have no 3D Visa or MasterCard please email so that you can be emailed instructions on how to pay through our representative offices in Europe, Middle East or Africa. Various popular fee payment methods are available including Western union.

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